In this article, I will tell you some of my favorite exteriors that I use for photos during the summer. Of course, I will focus on the easily available ones.

Gaštanová alej in Rusovce

Taking photos in the Gaštanová alej, which was planted more than 90 years ago, offers an excellent opportunity for families with children. In addition to the beautiful green wall along the entire alley, you will also find wide cut tree stumps suitable for a nice composition for the whole family. It is possible to take pictures here throughout the day and find a place that is not too overlit by the sun’s rays. In the morning, almost the entire alley can be used, in the afternoon it is ideal to take photos next to the green wall, which is shaded by the surrounding chestnut trees. The result in the photos is really worth a visit.

Entrance to the forest in Rusovce

If you like water in your photos and don’t want to go on a longer trip to the lakes, this is the right tip! The entrance to the forest continues right from the Gaštanová alej. You can find it easily because a ramp is visible in front of it. Walk about 30 meters and you will see water on your right. There are beautiful scenery that you can use in such a way that the final effect looks like you are on a lake.

Cafe Sankt Vitus Kaffee

Another one of my favorite exteriors in Rusovce! You will find several benefits at this beautiful and very accessible place. Trees, a fig tree, a large stone background, an ancient carriage and romantic seating suitable for wedding portraits. Children can use the new playground and you can motivate them after the photo shoot if it becomes boring for them after a while. The cafe staff is very friendly and helpful. If you plan to take photos in their place, of course, don’t forget to order something. Throughout the year, they have a rich selection of drinks and seasonal snacks.

The waterfront of the Danube

A very broad term, but the Danube waterfront really offers a wide range of possibilities for outdoor photography. In addition to all the beautiful corners that you can find in these parts, I would like to draw your attention to the coast right behind Au Cafe, where you can take advantage of the most beautiful backgrounds with Bratislava Castle or the famous UFO restaurant. These elements will give your photos the right pizzazz. In addition, you will find an original prop here – a blue wooden boat, the color of which adds variety to every shot. I definitely recommend this place to those who want to capture the charm of Bratislava in their photos.

Taking photos among the vineyards

Svätý Jur, Pezinok. Yes, these are exactly the areas where you can find wonderful places in the vineyards in the hills. Carpathian vineyards can be found on the left immediately after arriving in Svätý Jur. As these are private lands that are lovingly cared for and protected by the owners, be sure not to enter them directly! When you park your car just below the vineyards on the access road, it narrows and runs between the vineyards. In addition to taking beautiful pictures here, you can combine photography with a pleasant walk that will leave you with unforgettable memories. If you have more time and your physical condition allows it, I recommend continuing on foot to the mountains where you will also find hiking trails and the walk can be a full-day hike. Without a doubt, you will see one of those unforgettable sunsets at this place 😊

Tips for summer outdoor photography in Bratislava and neighbourhood
Tips for summer outdoor photography in Bratislava and neighbourhood

Zámocký park in Pezinok

It is an attraction for families with children. Yes, it is located in the city of Pezinok and you can easily find it even by the name itself in google. If you know the main square in Pezinok, where there are many cafes with terraces, then this park is very close and you can walk there. In the center of the park is a lake where swans and ducks swim. In addition to other animals, you will find beautiful peacocks all over the park, which with a bit of luck can add variety to your photos. I recommend this place for taking photos to families with children or couples who like romantic surroundings and walks.

Taking photos by the pond

I will come back to Svätý Jur and show you one magical place that mostly only inhabitants from here know. A picturesque, beautifully landscaped pond. At the first intersection when entering this town, turn right and continue along the road to the tunnel behind which the pond is located. The starting point is the logistics center that you bypass. Leave the car right at the beginning and, depending on the current time, you can find the right place with natural sunlight. You will find romantic benches, trees, tall grass, but also a hint of the beach. On the one hand, you will definitely come across a few fishermen. Everyone will find a place that appeals to them the most. The pond is photogenic around the entire perimeter, it only depends on the impact of the sun’s rays and therefore on the specific time when you arrive. Everyone can use their own imagination. Right at the beginning, you will find a buffet where you can relax after taking pictures, or if you feel like it, you can continue along the dam to the Šúr forest. There are really plenty of opportunities for taking photos, but also for walks around this place.

I wish you pleasant photographic experiences with the most beautiful results. I will be happy if you share your experiences with me 😊