Wedding photo shooting. The wedding is one of the most special events that the expectant spouses will experience together in life. Therefore it is necessary to approach its planning responsibly and deal with things in advance.

Wedding photography is one of the photos that are planned in advance with a sense of detail. It can be divided into joint shots in the exterior, studio or at a selected thematic location, either on the day of the wedding, or 1-2 days in advance, if possible. The photo ceremony and banquet follow. If you choose the whole wedding photo in one day, the photos are taken continuously according to the program.

Donate a wedding photo is a tip for an original gift, which among other things, the newlyweds will probably receive as the first one.

I will be happy to talk to you about all the details regarding the photo shoot and prepare a tailor-made offer for you.

I supply the resulting photos in various designs according to client requirements. A handmade wooden box with engraved text, a photo book, a magazine form, or a usb key with engraved initials can be used as inspiration for the more demanding.