Christmas photography is the best way to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. You can create Christmas cards and priceless memories from beautiful family pictures.

The key is to create a Christmas background photo that captures your family. Some people are more interested in a decent, not very decorated environment, which also has a touch of luxury, while others like a lot of lights, colors, decorations that evoke a real Christmas. Therefore, it is very important to talk about your idea in advance, or to say what style you do not want Christmas photography for.

We can provide you with the stylization of the environment tailored to your ideas, if you book the appointment well in advance. Of course, you also have a large selection of Christmas themes from the permanent menu.

FAMILY Christmas photography is very similar to classic family photography. In the case you are a big family it is important to point this out when ordering the Christmas photo shoot to ensure that the background is of sufficient size.

CHILDREN’S Christmas photography is very similar to classic children’s photography. Here it is important to report the age or gender of the children who come to be photographed. In the case of schoolchildren, we will provide other Christmas props than in the case of smaller children, so that the photos are concise for a specific age category and so that we do not “take away” unnecessary decorations at the age of children.

COUPLE Christmas photography is a very specific photo that we can prepare for various styles from classic Christmas themes to those with a touch of intimity. If required it is possible to provide styling for this photo shoot, or we can recommend an outfit.

Photo shooting takes about 1-2 hours.

I deliver the resulting photos electronically or, on request, in a printed version.