To take portraits I try to design something specific for everyone that captures them and identifies them. We take portraits in front of a one-color background in various themed areas or outdoors according to your requirements. We focus on the face or portrait, which also shows part of the figure. The difference from business portraits – this is a more relaxed photo with a touch of glamor, where we try to capture the natural expression of the model. The clothes should be in which the client feels best and on his own. We can take mirror photos, or just classic headshots with different hand or head positions.

Portrait photography can also be combined with any other photography, where in the end we will take portraits in the style in which we took the photo. We capture portraits of the client’s originality and personality with an emphasis on effective lighting and specific poses. For this photo shoot, I recommend quality makeup, which can also be very eccentric according to the client’s taste. We also use various scenery and accessories such as a fan, feathers, mask or anything that diversifies the photo and adds to its uniqueness.

I deliver the resulting photos electronically or, on request, in a printed version.