Glamor photography. The very name glamor from the English word charm suggests to us what glamor photography captures. It tries to capture beauty, charm and attraction. It is clear to everyone that this is almost exclusively for women.

The main emphasis is on the model, even though she usually wears beautiful fashion or otherwise eccentric clothes. The model is dressed, but the photo has a touch of subtle eroticism or sexual tension. This is a luxury photo in which the woman shows herself as beautiful and seductive without revealing.

Glamor photography is usually photographed indoors on the sofa or in a furnished living room, or in other themed places such as the bathroom, hotel room or in the wellness area. It is important to harmonize the outfit, make-up and space for photography. I recommend to order professional make-up artist. If the client wishes to provide these services together with photography in one package, it is important to order this service in advance together with photoshooting.

I deliver the resulting photos electronically or on request in a printed version. The result of such a photo shoot is truly unique.