If you are planning a business photo shoot, you will definitely ask yourself questions such as: “How should I dress? What makeup to use? What about the hair? ”

A very simple answer to all these questions could be a statement from Antoine de Saint Exupéry: “Perfection does not seem to be achieved when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing to take off.” As KISS principle tells “keep it stupid simple – less is sometimes more.”

If you need photos in the style of “business professional”, I recommend elegant clothes, for women a trouser or skirt costume, or a suit dress with a jacket. I recommend a suit and a shirt with a tie for men. Men can powder their faces, which then do not shine in the photo and unify small skin irregularities. Women should not have to eccentric make-up, but to have some is important. If the client has longer hair, I recommend tying it. If the length of the hair is at most on the shoulders, it can leave the hair loose.

Such photography is especially suitable for high-ranking managers, directors or lawyers.

In “business casual” clothes can be a little more relaxed, men can use a shirt without a tie, women various elegant tops. I do not recommend flashy or patterned clothing for business photography, it can be disruptive. Care must also be taken when choosing the material for its bending, because the creased material in the photo cannot be perfectly retouched. Women should have their shoulders covered.

You can use photos in this style on your website, in your CV, annual report, company magazine, or in other prints or electronic media.

Business photography in my studio includes a series of photos of the face – a classic headshot very universally usable, but also portraits that show a larger whole figure. Very important is the correct composition, which I direct clients to.

If you are interested in authentic business photography in your premises, I will provide them with lighting and help you prepare the right composition.

I deliver the resulting photos electronically in full size, plus in the format you specified, or the format for the web.