Similar with family photography, the basis for creating children is to create a natural and relaxed atmosphere. It is a bit more challenging precisely because children are photographed without their parents, so it is necessary to attract them, entertain them, make them laugh so that they do not run away from the “stage”. The most beautiful shots are just the unexpected “moments”. For these cases, the children have toys, books and stuffed animals available in my studio so that we can distract them from the camera and take pictures in natural poses during the game. However, if the child is not used to taking pictures and is more interested in the camera than in the toys – he can have fun at the beginning by taking pictures with me with the old camera that I have available for such cases.

Photographing children can also take place outdoors, if we agree on this form of photography in advance. Since there is a forest, lakes or a dam near the studio, it is possible to combine studio photography together with outdoor photography in one term.

Props are available in the studio, after agreement I also provide them for outdoor photography. You can rent dresses, tops, hair and other accessories for girls up to 8 years and elegant ties for boys up to 10 years. During the photo shoot, I will guide your children, try to make them laugh with you, or otherwise attract attention. Good mood is the basis for taking pictures of children.

Shooting takes about 1 hour.

I deliver the resulting photos electronically or, on request, in a printed version.