One of my favorite photos is nude photography, where the most important factor is proper lighting. We usually take photos in front of a dark background, which gives the resulting photo a beautiful intimate dimension. A light background is suitable when the client is interested in the photos that reveal even more. Nude photography is focused on the figure, which we lightly frame so that its result is a luxurious image of a beautifully shaped and illuminated figure. According to the client’s assignment, we will make the face more or less visible.

Nude photography is a very popular photo shooting, which requires a pleasant feeling, relaxation and a good relationship between the photographer and the client. In our studio, we try to create such a relationship so that the atmosphere during the shooting of nudes is relaxed and so that the client can enjoy it and feel comfortable. When photographing nudes, I am also alone with the client without the presence of an assistant or make-up artist. The most suitable clothing is underwear, silk or lace accessories, parts of which can diversify or highlight the resulting photo. If the client wants the result less illuminated, I recommend taking pictures without any laundry, because the straps or other parts of it can be disruptive as a result. Therefore, it is important to talk about the client’s expectations before the photo shoot. In case the client does not have an exact idea, I will be happy to present the options that nude photography offers and advise on its selection.

Nude photography is suitable as a gift for the client herself. It is something that she will keep and will have value for her in the future, or she can also give her partner like a gift. Also the other way around, if a partner wants to own beautiful shots of his lovely partner, he can give her a nude photo shoot as a gift.

Nude photography takes approximately 45 minutes to several hours, depending on the number of photos the client chooses and also according to the thematic location and the complexity of the styling. During the photo shoot, I guide her in positions, expressions and gestures. I devote enough time to each session, so much she is satisfied with the result. Upon request, I can book professional make-up artist, as well as place for photo session in hotels, spas or other themed areas.

I deliver the resulting photos electronically or, on request, in a printed version.