When is it the best time to take a picture of a baby? Days of a newborn are so rare and the time they pass quickly and the baby changes from day to day. The ideal time for photoshooting is within 14 days of birth if conditions allow. When photographing a baby, the overall preparation – repackaging, breastfeeding and styling … usually takes more than the photographing itself. Since babies at this age do not yet have a stable mode, it is very difficult to schedule an exact time when the baby will take a nap. It is also necessary to think about that the baby will be handled from arrival – disguise and manipulation from the car seat or stroller.

For the photography of babies I provide overall styling with props such as an egg, basket, suitcase, or cot where we arrange the baby. Various accessories such as caps, headbands, wraps, furs and lace clothes. In addition to individual photos of the baby, I take pictures in your arms, or with other details. If you have a specific idea for a photo, I will try to realize it for you.

Since the photography of babies is very intimate and must not take place under time stress, it is necessary to set aside a few hours for it. It lasts from about 90 minutes to 3 hours.

I deliver the resulting photos electronically or, on request, in a printed version.