Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

You are here! You must be on your way to tie the knot and take the vow with the love of your life. The feeling must be ecstatic! We bet you must be toiling hard to make your D-Day happen just the way you have always imagined it. 

Any thought about pre wedding photography? Even if your answer is in negative, there’s nothing to panic! There’s no point of adding more stress to your busy schedule. Here comes our quick and handy pre wedding photoshoot guide so that your experience can be equally amazing like the wedding.

We are sharing here a bunch of ultimate tips and tricks to nail your pre wedding shoot in style and elegance. 

1. Choose a perfect location for pre wedding photography

Your wedding is a family affair while the pre wedding shoot is all about the two of you. The photos must reflect the bliss of having each other for a lifetime. Just like your dream of being blessed with a happily married life, it is crucial to bring out those emotions in the photos.

This is why you must choose a shoot location that matches the mood and vibe of you two as a couple. Try to choose a place that means something to you. The more you relate to the shooting location, the more your photographs will look effortless and natural backed by true emotions. 

2. Pick outfits that complement each other

Although it’s a very common and obvious tips for any couple shoot, sadly many still make a blunder while choosing their outfits for pre wedding photography session and end up in a disastrous final result. Don’t walk the same way.

We suggest to choose your attire a way that complements each other on camera. Think about the style and colour that will speak of your ideas, dreams or feeling in the photos. It is better to keep it simple and true to your own personality. Too many colours and prints can ruin the essence of the whole photoshoot.

3. Be comfortable around the person who will hold the camera in your pre wedding photography 

Yes, we are talking about the photographer here. We are not saying that you must be in a very friendly relationship with the photographer, but you must build a rapport so that you feel comfortable to shoot around him/her. 

Pre wedding photography is about decoding your chemistry and then translating it into photos. It is impossible to click natural photos if you don’t know your photographer at all. We would recommend to take out some good time from your schedule to discuss the photoshoot and your expectations with the photographers well before you finalize a shoot date. 

4. Discuss the colour scheme before the shooting day

If you want your pre wedding photos in a particular colour scheme, you should discuss that with your photographer beforehand because that may require a change in the whole concept of the photoshoot. This will certainly influence the choice of your outfits, locations and photo filters. 

When you like to showcase any particular colour scheme in a pre wedding photography, this will certainly change the overall look of your pictures. End result will be different from the regular photos. So, better you understand what is your expectation what can be achieved. This will save you from any kind of disappointment.

5. Be yourself 

Nothing looks better in photos when you choose to be yourself! Being true to your emotions for your partner can seriously be magical and the difference can be seen in your pre wedding photos. Just relax and enjoy the moment where you two are the centre of attraction. 

Don’t worry about the camera. Don’t worry about how would you look in those photos. Everything is fine and all you need to do is to enjoy the company of your lovely partner. This photoshoot is meant to be of you two only and “freaking out” cannot be the third companion here.

6. Trust your photographer

As soon as you hire a professional for pre wedding photography and exchanged your ideas and thoughts with him/her, the photographer starts to envision everything in the head. When you are shooting with a professional photographer, you must not overlook his/her experience and expertise in this field. 

They know the trade best and they can guide you to receive a beautiful end product. You should put your trust on them and allow yourself to take the right path that they suggest. You will have tons of good photos to frame if you respect their skills to bring the best out of their subjects.


Your D-Day is around the corner and you two are hopefully all set to nail a fantastic pre wedding photoshoot with our quick guide. Just remember, nothing matters but your happiness. So, be happy and look fabulous in all your photos as well as in life.