5 Fun and Interesting Things to Try in Dubai
Umm Al Quwain- Beach

Since the turn of the 21 st century, Dubai is storming up the ranking chart of popular tourist
destinations around the world. This city has invested every bit of effort to make its ambitious
tourism strategy successful. This place is a fascinating blend of mystique side of Arabian heritage and
the glamourous amenities of a modern metropolis.

5 Fun and Interesting Things to Try in Dubai

There are many cities with a variety of awe-inspiring attractions, but there are very few that could
surpass the sheer number and range of tourist sites that the small Emirate of Dubai has to offer. If
you are at your wit’s end where to start from, you landed yourself to the right blog post.
We are here to help you with the 5 Fun and Interesting Things to Try in Dubai. It’s a humble
beginning for sure as you can add up to the list as much as your heart wishes!

1. Hop On a Big Bus Dubai Sightseeing Tour

Signing up for a city bus tour has always been the best thing to start with particularly for the first-
timers in Dubai. The city is well-connected and the Big Bus Dubai happily takes the onus of taking
you to the most celebrated tourist attractions in the city.
Big Bus Dubai tour helps you to explore the traditional and cultural side of the city along with its
exceptionally modernize facet in a single day. With more than 35 stoppages on a single trip and
commentary available in 12 languages, Big Bus Dubai is a fascinating thing that no one should miss!

2. Doing a Fun Photoshoot Across the City

Visiting Dubai is so exhilarating that it’s hard to get out of this loop! So, the best way to keep your
memory close to your heart is to turn them into stunning photographs. And better if you do that
with a professional help.
The reason to seek for a professional photo shooting help in Dubai is your pictures not just come
out outstanding but captures the best angles of you against those splendid backdrops. A
professional photo shoot enables you to see the best side of you and the City of Dubai when all you
have to do is just to enjoy the moment.

3. Dancing in the Tune of Dubai Fountain

Located at the base of the iconic Burj Khalifa, you will meet another icon, Dubai Fountain! One of the
world’s largest choreographed fountain displays is waiting to treat your eyes with something so
This immersive, illuminated and musical experience can be best relished from a dedicated 272-metre
floating platform or booking a seat with the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride boats. Setting the sail over the
rippling waves during the water show is truly a euphoric moment.

4. Take a Plunge Over the Sky of Dubai

Did we say that Dubai is a paradise for adventure-seeking souls? Are you one of them? Well, you got
plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities in Dubai to sign up for and Skydive Dubai has to be on the
top of your list.

Skydiving in Dubai allows you to explore some of the best locations in the world and you are going to
be fascinated with the view you will behold. Skydiving over the sky of legendary Palm Jumeirah
island can literally take your breath away.

5. Catch the Fascinating City Skyline through Sky Views Dubai

Thrill-seekers has more to feel happy about right in the heart of city and Sky Views Dubai is one such
epic experience. Perched at a staggering height of 219-metre off the ground and nestled on the 53 rd
floor of Address Sky View Hotel, this amazing glass slide allows you to relive your childhood days just
with some extra twists and turns!
This unique glass observatory also features a glass elevator and a bridge to further test your love for
the heights and thrill. Extremely bravehearts can go for the Edge Walk and dangle themselves off the
wall of the building while safely tucked with safety ropes.


Be it riding over the waves of Dubai Fountain Lake or going around the city for a professional photo
, you are going to have the best time of your life in Dubai. We just listed five; and you can keep
adding to this list. Happy vacationing!